Card Table Artifice

The Expert at the Card Table is the seminal text, literally the “bible” for those interested in card table artifice aka cheating. I’ve been obsessed with this book for forty years. Recently, I have embarked on a new journey, a musical one, but one still inspired by this book.

You can see the results of this effort on June 13 and 14, 2014 in Toronto, or get a sneak peek about what we have been up to by visiting my guest blog series, written for Magicana (




The Secret Life of Uri Geller

I’ve been invited to talk about the film, The Secret Life of Uri Geller – Psychic Spy on May 4 (7PM @Canada Square) and May 7 (3PM @Koffler House).

What’s the film about? Well, I don’t want to influence you one way or another, so I’ll let you form your own opinions from this description:

A self-proclaimed psychic, Uri Geller became an entertainment sensation in the 1970s, famous for his ability to bend spoons with his mind and make watches stop or go faster. But away from the bent silverware and broken clocks, Geller purports to have led a secret life as a “psychic spy” for three decades, working as a secret agent in Mexico as well as being recruited by the CIA and the Mossad. Director Vikram Jayanti (The Agony and the Ecstasy of Phil Spector) explores these claims based on freshly declassified information. Was Geller really able to wipe out information from KGB floppy disks merely by thinking “erase, erase, erase”? Did his psychic powers play a role in the Entebbe rescue? This fascinating documentary may not be able to provide definitive answers, but it never fails to entertain us with the possibilities.

Visit the Toronto Jewish Film Festival for details and tickets.

Transgressive Magic


I know it’s been well over a year since my last blog post but believe you me, it’s been a very busy time.

Recently I have been working on an exciting project on one of my passions, Erdnase and The Expert at the Card Table. Magicana is producing with the Luminato Festival, Card Table Artifice. What is that? Hard to sum up in a few words but I think I managed in this video clip. It involves the collaboration of several artist, including composer Gavin Bryars and we are thrilled to have the opportunity of presenting the World Premier on June 13 and 14 in Toronto.

Also, you will hear me talk about Bullet Catch presented by Scottish performer, Rob Drummond, which is also part of our Luminato offering this year which I have called Transgressive Magic. More on all of this soon.

In the meantime, have a look at Magicana’s website, join Magicana’s eList for news.


Walrus: On Performance

David Ben is presenting a unique speech for the The Walrus Talks Performance on Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 7:30 PM, at the Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary, Alberta.

The Walrus Talks Performance at High Performance Rodeo promises eighty minutes of lively, thought-provoking presentations from eight diverse individuals including Magicana’s Artistic Director, David Ben.

Speakers will share their perspectives on how one performs, how one competes and how one grows. David, who is a sought-after keynote speaker on creativity and problem-sovling, has chosen to inspire the audience with his interesting take on card cheating.



We’re back!

As Luminato, Toronto’s festival of creativity and the arts, has just announced, we will be part of the Festival’s Masters of Magic series June 10-18th.

As the Artistic Director of Magicana, I program the magic for the Festival. Magicana will be presenting three distinct programs in June: Natural Magick, Vodavil and Eric Mead: Toast of the Town.  Magicana will also be presenting its community outreach program, My Magic Hands, at Holland-Bloorview Kid’s Rehabilitation Hospital, and at Queen Victoria Public School.

I’ll be discussing the ins and outs of the various shows over the coming weeks. At this stage, if you love magic, Toronto is the place to be between June 10-18th.

Tickets will go on sale in Mid-April. We will be giving an advance purchase option to subscribers, so make sure that you join the Magicana eList to receive word.