I produced my first show- Penn & Teller – in 1983. I was 22. They weren’t a whole lot older. 35 years have gone by and we’re still friends. I suppose that says something.


Luminato 2010, 2011, 2012

Since that time, I have produced numerous shows, some of my own, but more often, others.

I enjoy all aspects of producing – acquiring or developing the property, raising the money, working with the talent on stage and backstage, above the line and below the line, and promoting the performances. Most of all, I enjoy sitting or standing in the back of the theatre as it gives me the opportunity to watch the show and the audience at the same time. It is real magic when both the performers and the audience are enjoying themselves.

I also enjoy co-producing, having worked with Soulpepper Theatre, the Shaw Festival, the Charlottetown Festival, the Royal Ontario Museum, and most recently, Luminato – Toronto’s festival of creativity and the arts – where I developed and programmed the Masters of Magic series for five years as part of the festival.

Productions include The Bullet Catch (2014), Card Table Artifice (2014), Compositions (2013), Concerto for Pasteboards (2013), Chamber Magic (2013), The Alpha Project (2012), The Cheat (2012), From the Dark (2012), Natural Magick (2011), Vodavil (2011),  Toast of the Town (2011), Thinking In Person (2010), The Mac King Comedy Show (2010), Bob Sheets (2010) and Juan Tamariz (2010).

I have also staged industry conferences – large and small – for magicians and the magic community for over thirty years. I particularly enjoy acting as curator, connecting the dots between diverse presenters so that the program has an undercurrent of thematic links.

Recent conferences include the Magic Collectors Weekend (2017, 2010-2012), and 31 Faces North (2012-2016, 2003-2010).