I am interested in creativity and problem solving, and how each and every activity, whether personal or professional, boils down to these two subjects.




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I am particularly interested in the strategy and tactics one can employ to improve in both areas, that is how to develop more creative solutions in an ever-changing world and apply those solutions so that they improve performance.

I have thought about this a lot over the past thirty years, deriving insight from the subcultures where I spend a great deal of time, the world of magicians, card cheats, and psychics, areas where people have to be creative and perform. I have also learned a lot from my own mentors, having had six of them in a variety of disciplines.

I have delivered hundreds of keynote presentations on these ideas – and their ideas – over the intervening years, at business retreats, corporate conferences, sales meetings, association gatherings, universities, any place where people or companies are interested in being more creative and improving performance.

Much of what I discovered I published in Advantage Play. Indeed, that title has become a rubric for all that interests me in this area:  the mechanics of problem solving, the importance of defining objectives, generating multiple solutions by challenging assumptions and tapping into a creative infrastructure, the keys to evaluating and implement the best strategies, the meaning of innovation, the power of mentorship, the importance of differentiating between real risk and perceived risk, the desire to be the best, and the meaning of leadership.

As you might expect, however, the content and keynote presentations have evolved over time. I attempt to practice what I preach, crafting each presentation to meet the needs and objectives of each client and group.

Ultimately it is about passion and performance – sharing mine and improving theirs.