There is a rich history of magicians sharing their secrets with other magicians.


Malini | Madness of Erdnase | Eye of the Beholder


I developed my interest in words from my father, an orator, who encouraged my interest in magic. He died when I was 17. Shortly afterward, I started creating my own magic, and writing up the secrets and staging, for publication in magic journals.

I learned about the craft of writing, however, from Brian Arnold, a brilliant tax lawyer, professor, and most importantly, prolific writer, when I did an independent study program on the tax consequences of producing commercial theatre under his tutelage at the Faculty of Law, University of Western Ontario.

I learned the art of storytelling, however, from renowned Canadian broadcaster – and gifted writer – Patrick Watson, with whom I have written four theatrical works: The Conjuror, The Conjuror’s Suite, Tricks and Natural Magick. Patrick taught me the power of a well-structured story be it in a joke, poem, book review, play, movie or novel, and the importance of creating characters, anticipation, humour, humanity, twists, turns and how endings should be unexpected, logical and sublime.

In addition to scores of articles for magic periodicals, books include The Experts at the Card Table (2015); Slaight: Off Hand (2013), Zarrow: A Lifetime of Magic (2008), Dai Vernon: A Biography (2006), Tricks (2003) and Advantage Play (2001).

Major magazine articles include: Dai Vernon: The Spirit of Magic (2017); Paul Fox: Master of Mystery (2014);  Malini: Bigger Than Life (2012), Popular Delusions and the Madness of Erdnase (2011), The Zarrow Shuffle (2008) and Ross Bertram: Master of Magic (2003).