Corporate Testimonial

David Ben in Natural Magick

“Imagine living up
to a reputation.”


Butterfield & Robinson


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“The key to your success is that for one price you get a comedian and a magician rolled into one! Your show is entertaining, tastefully customized and clearly illustrates that magic is indeed not just for children.”

– The Society of Management Accountants


“The entertainment was wonderful. Your talents are remarkable. People are still talking about it and will be talking about it for months to come.”

– McCarthy Tetrault


“Much technical discussion ensued after dinner about how you accomplished what you did. I think the overall conclusion was that it was truly ‘magic’!”

– Canon


“Your pre-dinner performance in the hospitality suite as well as the post dinner show were amazing displays of sleight of hand and magical wonders. Everyone remarked on your phenomenal memory for names and the way you were able to involve all members of the audience in each and every trick. We had a lot of fun and will remember the evening as one of the highlights of the meeting.”

– Monarch Marking Systems


“Virtually everyone present that evening has called me to express how much they enjoyed the dinner and your performance. Not only was the magic which you performed very entertaining, but your excellent sense of humor and “give and take” interaction with the audience gave our dinner a friendly, party-like atmosphere without taking away from the formality of the dinner.”
– Osler Hoskin & Harcourt”In the eleven years of coordinating and hosting client parties, last night’s event was by far one of the best yet! Your professionalism, talent and people skills not only entertained our guests but at times mesmerized them!”

– CFRB 1010


“The reviews of your work at the 1992 CALAAGM are in, and I must confess I am a little disappointed. Disappointed that I only got to see a short five minutes of what everyone tells me was some outstanding close up magic. All the people I spoke to had nothing but raves for you and your material.”

– Canadian Automotive Leasing Association