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David Ben as The Conjuror

“The man is magic; that’s all you need to know.”


Toronto Star


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“Talk about jaws dropping: Ben’s legerdemain is a can’t-miss crowd-pleaser. Ben’s encore – a game of hide and seek with a folded napkin with more life and spirit than Siegfried, Roy and that tiger combined – is the definition of magic and wonder.”

– The Globe & Mail


“The man is magic; that’s all you need to know. Minute for minute, it’s probably the sleekest, smartest, most appealing family entertainment you’ll find … Ben is not just a master of illusion, he’s a superbly skilled showman as well and he has designed The Conjuror in a way that will delight all audience members, regardless of age. It assumes we’re there to see some spectacular magic, brought to us by an urbane practitioner in a sophisticated setting. Ben at his best defies description. You’ll just have to see him for yourself, which I suggest that you do as soon as possible.

– The Toronto Star


“Ben keeps raising the bar…. the result is amazement! David Ben is superb.”

– CBC Radio


“Better than David Copperfield.”

– The National Post


“Dry wit, fast fingers and a serious haircut: David Ben will leave you in stitches and mystified. Somehow, he’ll manage to do both at the same time.”

– Jazz FM


“David Ben has single-handedly taken the ‘ick’ out of magic. This is not a kiddie show but rather a brain-tickling entertainment for adults that children will also love. Four Stars.”

– Eye Magazine


“David Ben’s mastery of technique is indisputable; so is the charm of his stage personality. Obviously he leaves nothing to chance, but his act is smooth, witty, and urbane in the best tradition of a master showman.”

– Stage and Page


“David Ben captures audience imagination, makes them laugh and wonder. Even a skeptic would be hard-pressed to explain most of Ben’s illusions, as he lives up to the reputation as a master trickster. The audience gave Ben a standing ovation, and though he may be a pro, he seemed to appreciate it.”



“Conjuror’s tricks a treat.”

– Now Magazine


“Magician deftly conjures charming show.”

– The Ottawa Citizen


“A constant delight of wonder and amusement. Ben is a charming, easy-going performer who makes you feel you’re in his own living room, while dazzling the senses with his sleight of hand. It is one of those shows you can see again and again.”

– Classical 96.3 FM


“Magician conjures up a winner!”

– The Toronto Sun