In off the porch

shapeimage_1“Is this just some passing fancy or do you really love magic?”

“No,” I said with every ounce of enthusiasm I could muster,  “I really love magic. I really love it.”

That was my response to Stewart James’ query.  I was in my early twenties – perhaps twenty-one or two, and had been invited back to his home –Aberystwyth – down the street from the Riverview Country Inn and his Get-Together in Courtright, Ontario.

I didn’t realize it at the time but, as Howard Lyons who accompanied me later told me, it was an honour to have even been invited. Not only had I made it from the motel to the porch, and then to the kitchen table, I was now upstairs in Stewart’s Inner Sanctum.  Howard told me that Karl Fulves, who had visited  Stewart for about a week, never made it in off the porch.

“No”, I told Stewart.  “I really love magic.”  And I still do, some twenty-six or so years later.

And now it is my turn, for those interested, to invite you into my Inner Sanctum.  I hope this Blog will be akin to Stewart’s “Talking Table”, where I can report on the conversations I have with my imaginary friends – and you – about magic.

All I ask is that you love it.